About Us


Founded by a busy mom, who was tired of spending hundreds of dollars on expensive skincare products. She created shkira.cosmetics with a vision to source luxurious products at affordable prices. 

Did you know that most beauty products that are found in big retailers are produced in the same facilities as the affordable products? Big companies make you believe that their product is worth spending lots of money on because they have to pay for staff, warehouse, legal fees and etc. At shkira.cosmetics we find the same high-quality products and bring them to you at lower prices because we are a small business that does not have a lot of overhead costs. 

We pride in only putting our name on the best products as we research and test for months before bringing it to market. We use them ourselves and can guarantee that you will love our products just as much as the ones that cost three times as much as ours.

So lets support small businesses, start saving money on skincare and still look amazing! 

 xoxo, shkira